Linc Properties offers unparalleled exclusive, comprehensive and effective Seller Representation disposition services for all Commercial Property types.  With over 35 years of experience and hundreds of sold transactions, our unparalleled expertise assures our Clients that their properties will be sold at the highest possible price.  With a deep understanding of market dynamics, property positioning and access to the top investors and trade buyers in the industry, we can assure our Clients that we will find the one best buyer for their asset.  Applying strategic plans for maximum exposure requires relentless effort, timely responsiveness, masterful negotiation skills and all of the strategic applications that can only be gained from decades of high probability transactions. Linc Properties is the seasoned and trusted partner for achieving all of your selling objectives.


Finding the best and most suitable property to purchase to add to your portfolio or for a 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange can be a complex, strategically demanding and time-consuming process.  Linc Properties offers the most efficient and effective Buyer Representation acquisition services for all Commercial Property Types.  We provide an organized and thorough plan and process to assure or clients that they are seeing all potential opportunities on and off market.  With an unsurpassed network of industry leaders and property Owners, we can get Buyer’s access and coverage to all potential markets and property alternatives.  Our 35+ years of transaction experience assures our clients complete and seamless transaction services for each step of the process.  As your Buyer Representative, Linc Properties has proven to add significant value to your acquisition process.


Our Sale-Leaseback Services offer a strategic financial solution for property owners seeking to unlock capital while maintaining operational continuity. We specialize in structuring sale-leaseback transactions that optimize the financial benefits for both sellers and buyers. We provide expert guidance throughout the process, from property valuation and lease negotiations to securing competitive terms. Whether you’re a property owner looking to access capital or a savvy investor seeking stable, income-producing assets, we are here to help with navigating the intricacies of sale-leaseback transactions, ensuring a mutually beneficial outcome.


We take pride in our 1031 Exchange Services, designed to help investors defer capital gains tax and optimize their real estate portfolios. Our seasoned team understands the intricate rules and timelines involved in 1031 exchanges, guiding clients through each step of the process. From identifying suitable replacement properties to executing on the exchange, we provide expert assistance to maximize the benefits of this powerful strategy.


We specialize in accurately assessing the worth of commercial assets, providing clients with invaluable insights to make informed investment decisions. Our comprehensive approach blends market expertise with a deep understanding of economic trends, ensuring clients receive precise and insightful property valuations. Trust us to navigate the complex landscape of commercial real estate, delivering customized solutions that maximize value and drive success for our clients in every transaction.


Offering dynamic Property Performance Optimization services sets us apart in the industry. With a commitment to elevating the value and efficiency of commercial investments, we leverage innovative strategies and data-driven insights to optimize property performance. Whether it’s streamlining operations, enhancing tenant experiences, or identifying revenue growth opportunities, we tailor our solutions to meet the unique needs of each property. With a focus on maximizing returns and mitigating risks, Linc Properties is your trusted partner for unlocking the full potential of your commercial real estate portfolio.